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Teaching For The Kentucky Virtual High School

The Kentucky Virtual High School is recruiting Advanced Placement teachers for future semesters. Teachers are needed for the following courses:

English Language and CompositionEnglish Literature and Composition
Calculus ABPhysics
US Government and PoliticsUS History

Employment is offered on a part-time basis. Please note that retired Kentucky teachers are eligible to teach for the KVHS. However, KVHS work will count towards their 100-day employment limit.


  • KVHS faculty must have a current Kentucky certification at the secondary level in the appropriate content area.
  • KVHS AP faculty must have previous experience teaching an AP course.
  • KVHS AP faculty must be available for "office hours" two afternoon or early evening hours three times a week.
  • A one-day training is required and will be provided by KVHS. Training will occur on Aug. 14, 15, or 16th.
  • Teachers will be facilitating the learning of students and not authoring original course material. Teachers may supplement and modify courses at their discretion provided all AP College Board prescribed curriculum is covered.
  • Teachers can work any time of day or night and any place they can access the Internet.
  • The student :teacher ratio will not exceed 25:1.
  • KVHS does not provide computers to KVHS teachers for home use. Access from home requires a multi-media computer and access to the internet.
  • Teachers must be able to use KETS email, email attachments, and Microsoft Office word processing.

KVHS Quick Info:

  • The Kentucky Virtual High School is an educational service delivering high school courses and online learning opportunity to Kentuckians through the Internet. The KVHS is managed by the Kentucky Department of Education and is available statewide. Credit earned for courses taken through KVHS is granted by the student's local high school.
  • Currently, most KVHS students work on school computers. However, access to a home computer or a computer in a public library will provide the student with additional study time.
  • Many decisions about KVHS are made at the local district level. For example, Kentucky public schools are not required to participate in, or provide students to, KVHS. The local school district also has the authority to approve or deny a student's request to participate in a KVHS course.
  • Schools provide an involved school facilitator that the KVHS teacher can contact by email or phone if problems occur.

Interested persons should submit a current vita or resume, a copy of the secondary certification and a one-page biography. The biography should describe AP teaching experience, training received pertaining to Advanced Placement, and experience with students and technology in the learning environment. Application materials can be sent to Terri De Yong via email: or fax: KVHS 502-564-4695. Additional information about the Kentucky Virtual High School can be found at


Kentucky Department of Education

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