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This information has been sent in hard-copy format to every superintendent, high school principal, high school guidance counselor, HSE, RSC Director, Gear-Up Middle School and KVHS teacher in the state of Kentucky. We have also provided this information to CIPL. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments about any information in these documents.

Click on the name of each document you wish to view or download.  All documents are in pdf format and require the free reader available at .  You may already have the free reader - please check before downloading.

File Name File Description
Intro Just what it says; an overview of the KVHS and the folder contents.
Fact Sheet A brief overview of the Kentucky Virtual High School.  Includes course listing and answers to the most often-asked questions about KVHS.  This document makes a good handout to introduce the program at meetings.
  KVHS Menu A fun restaurant-style listing of services with costs from KVHS.  Pick from Appetizers (one semester and elective courses) to Dual Credit Combo Platters!  All courses are listed, including Advanced Placement. 
Catalog For the most up-to-date information, please select the Course Info link to the left, and then select the Course Catalog link.  Contains basic information about all of the KVHS courses:  Course Descriptions; Recommended Prerequisites; Required Materials; Schedules, etc.
Academic Calendar and How to Register Explains the basics of the registration process and the critical dates associated with each semester.
Credit Recovery Highlights how schools can use KVHS services to offer new summer learning options for credit recovery.
Gifted & Talented Highlights how schools can use KVHS services to meet the needs of Gifted & Talented students.
AP Overview A brief overview of how schools can use KVHS to implement or expand an Advanced Placement program. Contains information about courses, scholarships, and professional development.
Virtual AP Academy Introduces the newest component of KVHS  - - the Virtual Advanced Placement Academy. The Academy was created to help schools respond to new legislative requirements for a Core AP Curriculum in every high school.
Options for Online Learning There is more than one way to integrate online learning into a school.  Presents additional options for using KVHS - - train your own teachers to teach online, create your own online content, or a virtual branch campus!
Professional Development Online professional development means “anytime, anyplace” learning for educators.  KVHS online pd is created by KDE for Kentucky schools. This document contains descriptions of current offerings.


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