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KVHS high school courses are available for Kentucky middle and high school students and may be taken for high school credit. Many courses may also be taken for Advanced Placement credit, and are so noted in the descriptions of each course within the course catalog. Students seeking dual credit opportunities with Kentucky public colleges and universities should enroll through the Commonwealth Virtual University.

All Kentucky Virtual High School teachers hold Kentucky certifications in the field of study. State department staff and KVHS faculty review all courses for academic integrity and applicability to the Kentucky Program of Studies.

KVHS professional development courses are offered to Kentucky educators, including school council members.

Courses are available anytime and anywhere via an internet-connected computer meeting our minimum specifications. Please scroll down and choose a semester for a list of available classes.

If you would like to suggest courses for future semesters, or have questions about KVHS courses, please use the Online Inquiry form to contact us.

Please select a Semester:

  Summer 02 PD Intensives Session #1    
          Reg Start Date:   4/8/2020
          Reg End Date:   6/20/2002
          Start Date:   4/11/2020
          End Date:   7/26/2002
  Summer 2002 HS    
          Reg Start Date:   3/11/2020
          Reg End Date:   6/14/2002
          Start Date:   6/10/2020
          End Date:   8/2/2021
  Summer 02 PD Intensives Session #2    
          Reg Start Date:   4/8/2020
          Reg End Date:   7/25/2002
          Start Date:   7/22/2002
          End Date:   8/30/2002
  Fall 2002 HS    
          Reg Start Date:   3/11/2020
          Reg End Date:   8/30/2002
          Start Date:   8/12/2020
          End Date:   12/20/2002
  September 02 PD Fall Session    
          Reg Start Date:   4/8/2020
          Reg End Date:   9/19/2002
          Start Date:   9/16/2002
          End Date:   11/15/2002
  Spring 03 PD Session    
          Reg Start Date:   4/8/2020
          Reg End Date:   1/16/2003
          Start Date:   1/13/2003
          End Date:   3/14/2002

Kentucky Department of Education

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