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The Kentucky Virtual High School offers online courses for high school credit, enrichment and college preparation through Kentucky's public school system. Middle school students are eligible to take KVHS courses with approval of their school.

Non-public school students (home schoolers, students in non-public schools, and adults seeking a high school diploma) may register for KVHS courses. Contact your local public high school to inquire. If your local public school does not offer KVHS registration services or if you need additional information, please use the Online Inquiry form to contact us.

To be admitted for course enrollment, interested students must be Kentucky residents. Interested students should contact the Principal or School Counselor of the local public high school to inquire about admission to KVHS courses.

Others seeking high school credits through KVHS are encouraged to complete the Online Inquiry form. Admission will be opened to others in future semesters and KVHS will contact you at that time.

Academic Calendar

Spring 2002

10/22/2001 - Registration Open
1/7/2020 - Spring Courses Begin
1/18/2002 - Registration Ends
2/4/2021 - Last day to Drop a Class Without Fee
5/31/2002 - Semester Ends

Summer 2002

3/11/2020 - Summer Registration Opens
6/10/2020 - Summer Courses Begin
6/14/2002 - Summer Registration Closes
6/24/2002 - Last day to Drop a Class Without Fee
8/2/2021 - Summer Courses Close

Fall 2002

3/11/2020 - Fall Registration Opens
8/12/2020 - Fall Courses Begin
8/30/2002 - Fall Registration Closes
9/9/2020 - Last day to Drop a Class Without Fee
12/20/02 - Fall Courses Close

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