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The Kentucky Virtual High School is an educational service managed by the Kentucky Department of Education to expand student access to challenging high school curriculum. Through the KVHS, Kentucky schools can provide students with access to a wider range of coursework, with more flexibility in scheduling, with the opportunity to develop their capacities as independent learners, and with increased time and opportunity to achieve because learning online is neither time nor place dependent. Thanks to recent action by the Kentucky Board of Education, students registered in a KVHS course may be able to earn credit and when taking courses outside the normal school day and from a location other than the school. KVHS courses are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Students enter KVHS courses only after approval is secured from their local public high school. No student may enter or drop a KVHS course without approval of their local public high school.

How Do Students Benefit?

Through the Kentucky Virtual High School, local public school systems can:

  • Offer students access to advanced courses or electives that are not taught at the local public high school
  • Offset teacher shortages, especially in the foreign languages
  • Offer a wider range of Advanced Placement courses and access to the Commonwealth Diploma
  • Secure scholarships for deserving students for online AP courses
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts for individual students or small groups of students
  • Reduce costs to deliver specific courses to small numbers of students
  • Find solutions that respond to the needs of individual learners in unique situations
  • Expand service delivery options and curriculum choices for alternative schools
  • Offer instructional services to non-public school students in the community (based on local choice) which may generate partial enrollments and partial ADA
  • Gain more flexibility in developing Individual Graduation Plans which are specific to the academic and career interests of all students
  • Provide students with technology experiences that are valuable in the transition to college, vocational/technical school, the workforce, or the military

Who Can Participate in KVHS?

  • Kentucky public high school students
  • Kentucky public middle school students (a limited number of courses are appropriate for middle school)
  • Kentucky residents who are non-public school students may be able to enroll through the local public high school

All interested students are encouraged to contact the school counselor or other appropriate academic advisor before requesting registration online. However, KVHS are always glad to receive email through the Online Inquiry form to assist potential students with enrollment issues.


So that appropriate curriculum counseling can take place, all students enroll in the Kentucky Virtual High School through their local public school district. Interested students complete a Request to Register, which is automatically submitted to the Kentucky Virtual High School point of contact at the high school. The school reviews the Request to Register and may: approve course enrollment right away; refer the request for academic counseling; or deny the request with explanation. The student is not enrolled in the course until the local public high school approves the registration request.

Enrollment for Fall courses is open to all Kentucky students seeking high school coursework. This includes students in non-public schools, home schooled students, and adults seeking completion of a high school diploma. Regardless of their status, all KVHS students must register through a Kentucky public high school. The local public high school may simply act as registrar, or may offer part-time enrollment. (Students not already enrolled in a local public high school, please go here for more information.)

Course Fees

$275 per half-credit course take in one semester
$500 per one-credit course taken in one semester
$275 one semester Advanced Placement courses
$500 two semester Advanced Placement courses

Local policy will govern the payment of fees. Generally, the school district will pay this fee for students who are enrolled full-time in the local public high school when the credit earned from the course will be counted towards high school graduation and the school cannot provide the needed course in the traditional manner. The Kentucky School Boards Association model policy does recommend that the tuition fee for a course be borne by the local public school system for students enrolled full-time. (Reference KSBA Model Policy 08A.1131 on Alternative Credit Options or contact KSBA for more details.)

Non-public school students will usually be expected to pay the course fee.

Again, local policy decides the issue of fee payment and persons interested in KVHS courses should consult their local public high school about fee payment.

Regardless of who is paying the fee, KVHS does not bill for the fee until about three weeks after the course has opened. There is opportunity each semester for a school to drop a student from a course with no fee imposed.

All course fees are paid from the district directly to the Kentucky Virtual High School. The KVHS does not collect fees directly from students or other entities.

Some KVHS courses require a textbook. Students or their school are responsible for acquiring and paying for their textbook. Information concerning textbooks is listed with the course description under the KVHS course catalog.

In addition, most of the Advanced Placement classes require students to have access to a fax machine. KVHS does not cover the long distance charges to fax assignments to teachers.

Number of Courses

The Kentucky Virtual High School imposes no limit on the number of KVHS courses a student may be enrolled in simultaneously. This matter is determined by local board and school policy and will vary from district to district.


Credit is granted and posted by the student's high school. The Kentucky Virtual High School does not grant credit.

Certain KVHS courses may be taken for Advanced Placement credit, and are designated accordingly in the Course Catalog.


All KVHS faculty are certified at the secondary level by the Kentucky Office of Teacher Education and Certification in the content area of their course.

KVHS teachers receive special training and education to prepare them for teaching online, and are actively supported throughout the length of the course to ensure that they are successful. A brief summary of each teacher's experience and credentials are posted in the course catalog.

KVHS faculty are available for parent conferences via email or telephone. Also, KVHS faculty maintain contact with someone at the student s school (and/or a parent) to provide updates on progress and discuss appropriate support and encouragement if a student appears to be falling behind.

Class Size

KVHS class sizes do not exceed 25 - 30 students, depending upon the course. KVHS courses are based on a classroom model and differ in many ways from independent study courses. Each section of students has a single instructor for the duration of the course. In addition to teacher-to-student interaction, KVHS courses emphasize student-to-student interaction and group work. Students are able, however, to pace their learning and manage their progress through the course.

Alignment with Kentucky Curriculum Standards

KVHS courses have been viewed by the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Curriculum Development, for alignment with the Kentucky Core Content and Program of Studies. The review has been provided to the Kentucky Virtual High School instructor. Any gaps or weaknesses in the alignment are addressed by the instructor through course modification or supplementation. The KDE Division of Curriculum Development consults with KVHS on a continuing basis to ensure that KVHS courses, as delivered by our teachers, are appropriate and of high quality.

Academic Integrity

As a condition of enrollment, all KVHS students must accept the terms of the Kentucky Virtual High School Ethics and Acceptable Use agreement. In addition, students will have signed the Acceptable Use Policy Agreement adopted by their local public school.

All KVHS students are required to take their final course exam with a certified proctor. KVHS teachers have the ability to require that students perform other tasks or undergo additional assessments in similar situations. In addition, KVHS teachers will be trained to be alert to clues that might indicate problems. If the KVHS teachers suspects that there is a problem, the local high school's point of contact for the course will be informed.

Does the School Have to Assign Monitors to KVHS Students?

Schools do not need to assign monitors to students in KVHS courses. Students in KVHS courses may access their courses at regularly scheduled times during the day, or after school hours. KVHS does ask the school for a point of contact who may be consulted if the teacher has concerns about student progress or participation. Communication between the KVHS teacher and the local school is very important to student success.

Information for Parents

Does A Student Have To Own A Home Computer To Take A KVHS Course?

No, this is not required. It will be possible for students to do all KVHS work on school computers. However, access to a home computer or a computer in a public library will provide the student with additional study time.

What Help And Support Will Students Receive?

The KVHS will provide students a 1-800 help desk number for technical issues. Students will also have access to a virtual student center with research tools. In addition, all KVHS students will receive logins to the Kentucky Virtual library. Student's teachers will be able to be emailed or telephoned for individual help and assistance.

Will KVHS Teachers Hold Teacher Conferences?

The email address of each KVHS teacher will be posted in the Course Catalog. Each KVHS teacher will have the option of establishing a "virtual" parent conference via email or phone. However, parents may email the teacher at any time during the course and may also contact the KVHS point of contact at the school with questions about student progress.

How Do We Know A Student Has Completed His/Her Own Work?

All students are required to take their final exam with a certified proctor. The performance on the final exam should closely match the work in the remainder of the class. In addition, KVHS teachers will be trained to be alert to clues that might indicate that the student online is not the student who is registered. If the KVHS teachers suspects that there is a problem, the local high school's point of contact for the course will be informed.

What Type Of Student Should Take A KVHS Course?

The KVHS places priority on the involvement of the school counselor, and/or other appropriate academic advisors, in selecting candidates for and advising interested students about participating in KVHS courses. Taking a course online requires personal discipline and good time management. Students should also be comfortable using the Internet and e-mail. Students may expect spend more time taking a KVHS course than they typically devote to a traditional high school class.

Online courses appeal to a wide range of students and may assist those students not currently achieving. KVHS courses have been used very successfully with students in alternative school situations, for instance. The likelihood of student success is related to the student's current motivation, learning style, and the level of support and encouragement required to keep them engaged and on-task. KVHS staff are available to consult with counselors about the applicability of online learning for individual students or small groups of students.

Students in at-risk situations have been very successful in KVHS courses. The potential of online learning to boost these students achievement should not be overlooked. Again, it depends upon the individual student.

How Many KVHS Courses Can A Student Take In One Semester?

This decision is made between the student and their local high school.

Will The KVHS Be Open For Summer School Courses?

KVHS will be open for the summer semester. Students need to consult with their local high school to determine whether or not their own school will support summer enrollments.

Can non-public high school students take courses on the KVHS?

Beginning in the fall semester 2000 non-public students WILL be able to take KVHS classes.

Can students complete their GED on the KVHS?

At this time the KVHS does not offer classes leading to the GED.

How do students register for KVHS courses?

Registration information, a course catalog, and a sample course, are available at the KVHS website

Where can we find out additional information about KVHS?

Contact 866-432-0008 ext.4532 in KY or 502-564-3421 ext. 4532.

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