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Welcome to the Kentucky Virtual High School, an online learning resource developed to make the same high level of learning opportunity available to every Kentucky student.

The KVHS is an unprecedented collaboration between the Kentucky Department of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education, and the state's major education partners whose common interest is to secure an internationally superior education for our state's citizens. Through the KVHS, every Kentucky high school student will be able to enroll in for-credit classes taught by Kentucky certified teachers and receive credit from their local high school. Courses will be delivered online to schools, homes and other places with Internet access, available anytime and anywhere--meeting the needs of students. For students of any age, Kentucky Virtual High School curriculum will range from the basic to the very advanced.

A major innovation in public education, the KVHS will be delivered to all high schools through the state's nationally recognized education technology infrastructure. A unique Kentucky resource, the Kentucky Virtual High School will provide every high school student with a new and equitable opportunity to achieve.

For more information, you may complete the Inquiry Form or you may call (877) 740-HELP (4357).

Governor Patton Announces First Ever Statewide Virtual High School

Remarks by Governor Patton

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