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    What is the Webliographysm?

The Webliographysm feature in your online course gives you access to course-related Web sites. The Webliographysm can contain hyperlinks from all over the World Wide Web, right inside of your course.

  • How to view Webliographysm entries in your actual course:

    1. View all entries:
      To view all of the Webliographysmsubmissions, you would simply click on the 'All Entries' link. *If no links are listed, neither the instructor nor any students have submitted any Web sites to reference.

    2. How to conduct a search:
      You can narrow down the list of entries by conducting a search. By clicking on 'Search', you can enter a subject that you would like to find information about. If you would like your results sorted or specific information about each submission, you could click on the link that reads 'Advanced'. There is also the option to sort your submissions by category or by submitter. Simply click on the radio buttons within your actual Webliographysm to select any of these options.

  • How to submit an entry:
    Submitting a Webliographysm entry to your course is a simple process. Once you have found a site that matches your search criteria, you'll need to enter the site's information into the Webliographysm Submission Form. To do so, you would simply click on the link that reads 'Add New Entry'.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on filling out a Webliographysm submission form:

    • General Category: Select a category for this site. Click on the inverted arrow to display a drop down menu of the list of categories. Choose the category related to your topic.
    • Title of Submission: Name of the site or page.
    • Short Description of Submission: Be concise! This will be displayed along with the link in the actual webliographysm for the course.
    • URL of Submission: The Internet address of the site. You can copy this directly from your web browser. Make sure it is accurate, otherwise the link will not work.
    • Submit: Click on the box that reads Submit and you're finished!

Now you can return to the Webliographysm page and look for your entry!

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