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    Unit 3 - Help Desk

Reading  What if I need help?

The technical support staff is dedicated to helping students become confident and productive in the online learning environment. They understand that Web-based classes can be challenging at first, but they have the knowledge and experience to help make every student's transition into the virtual classroom a smooth one.

An online tutorial within the Help Desk link provides immediate answers to frequently asked questions as well as detailed descriptions of all the functions of your online course. Aided by images, helpful links and in-depth text, this tutorial has been developed by our Help Desk staff to cover the topics encountered during their experience answering questions, both live and online.


Email the Online Help Desk at helpdesk@kvhs.org

Daily Telephone/email support:
Our Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone and Email.
The Help Desk will respond to Emails and voice mails within 24 hours, while our average response time is four hours.

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