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    UNIT 2: Course Content and Exams

Reading  General

Just like a class taken on-campus, your course consists of some essential learning components. Things such as lectures, readings, assignments, slide shows, peer evaluations and quizzes can be incorporated into your curriculum.

It is the elements that stretch beyond the limits of the traditional classroom, however, that make this course system so engaging and rewarding. Along with the Learning Tools described in Unit 1, your course utilizes dynamic, interactive technology to break down the barriers of time and distance.

Multimedia  Multimedia

The RealPlayer allows you to play live and on-demand video, audio and animation over the Internet. The RealPlayer is used in conjunction with this system to provide a more "class like" atmosphere.

By using the RealPlayer you will have access to audio and video files from your instructor, simulating class lectures and utilizing course-related clips from around the World Wide Web.

Macromedia Flash delivers high-quality Web graphics, enabling interactive animation within your online course.

Threaded Discussion  Threaded Discussion

The Threaded Discussion tool was designed to allow you and your classmates to share in ongoing dialogues without time constraints. By posting each response as an individual link, this feature gives you the ability to respond to your class as a whole, or to the ideas of a particular classmate. And, of course, you can work in your Threaded Discussions any time, day or night.

Quiz/Exam  Exams
Most of your courses will include online exams. These exams can consist of any combination of the following types of questions:
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Many Multiple Choice ("choose all that apply")
  • Matching
  • Short Answer
  • Essay

Generally, your instructor will schedule a specified group of days during which you can take an exam. If these dates are set, exams cannot be accessed outside of the specified allotment of time.

Exams can only be entered once, just like those in an on-campus course. Therefore, you must prepare in the same manner before you enter your exam.

If you have any technical difficulties while taking your exam, you don't need to panic! Simply send an email to the Help Desk and notify your instructor. You will receive assistance completing your exam as quickly as possible.

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