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The Changing Landscape of Higher Education
How has the Internet changed higher education, if at all? Please respond.
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It allows universities to attrRob Campbell9 Jan 00
It allows universities to attract students/customers to classes/products outside of their traditional market draw. Suffolk in downtown Boston has students from three states out of MA enrolled in their eMBA program.
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Rob, makes an interesting poinJohn Zurovchak10 Jan 00
Your right John. I've noticedSteve Sorenson27 Jan 00
Your right John. I've noticed many colleges have already responded to this demand in Michigan. Many schools have already shifted their advertising toward recruiting students by promoting online learning as a way of achieving educational goals, career goals, and fulfilling family obligations. This change is not only effecting higher education, but all levels of education and training. Governor Engler in Michigan has responded by creating the Michigan Virtual High School so Michigan can be leaders in providing the best equipped student in higher education. Check out his State of the State address:
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True. But an interesting deveDemo Demo18 Feb 00
Rob, did you see this web sitePeter Pravikoff28 Mar 00
Rob, did you see this web site?
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As the gentlemen says in the cJoe Farragher27 Jan 00
I am curious what others thinkSteve Sorenson18 Feb 00
It has allowed for learning anBob Paulson23 Feb 00