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Your online syllabus will include many of the same features as a traditional syllabus: a weekly schedule, contact information, course policies and procedures, and anything else your instructor chooses to include.

Course Syllabus
Course Description

This is a sample of what you might find when you click the "Syllabus" link in the left-hand frame. Your instructor may also post his or her mailing address, phone number, and photograph.

What will you need?

Your instructor may require you to purchase texts or other materials for your online class. For this Orientation Course, all you'll need is your mouse, and a desire to learn!

Grading Policy

Your instructor may post items such as the grading policy listed below.

100 Quiz 1
100 Quiz 2
100 Quiz 3
500 Mid Term
500 Final
100 Participation

Grade Scale
Perhaps you'd like to check how many points you need for your instructors grading scale?

A 90
B 80
C 70
D 60