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Interactive Syllabus: interactive syllabus for each course, including finals.
Course Information: online student handbook explaining the course rules.
Notebook: electronic notebooks for each student that requires no programming to maintain.
document sharing
Webliography: our unique online reference capturing course-related web sites.
Message Center: facilitates easy communication between students and teachers.
Message Center: facilitates easy communication between students and teachers.
Helpdesk: Contact information for helpdesk; instructions on how to use course features
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Interactive Syllabus

Welcome to your demonstration course. Designed to minimize the time necessary in learning our system, this demonstration incorporates all of the tools and functions that make up your course.

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Unit Title
1 Your Tools
2 Course Content and Exams    
3 Help Desk          
4 Technical Requirements          

The Interactive Syllabus allows you immediate access to the contents of your online course. Click anywhere in the Interactive Syllabus to enter a unit's main page.

Supplement course material with readings selected by the instructor.
       Scenario Scenario:
Example of how to apply the knowledge gained from unit reading.
       Threaded Discussion:
Example of "Class Discussions" with classmates and instructor.
Audio, video, slideshows and other multimedia professors use to convey their course material.
Online examinations for assessing student comprehension.

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